Leisa Bickerstaff

Help Desk Technician
Ann Butler

Instructional Cons./Science & GT Coordinator
Kristi Creech

Admin. Assistant to Superintendent of Schools
Alecia Hill

Accounting Specialist
Sonja Johnston

Instruct. Cons./Math & District Testing Coord.
Kim Kersh

Payroll Specialist
Liz Kimbrell

Admin. Assistant to Dir. of Purch. & Fin. Servs.
Jennifer McCaw

Admin. Assistant to Exec. Director of Curriculum
Nancy McFarland

Accountablity/PEIMS Specialist
Pam Miner

Admin. Assistant to Director of Personnel
Araceli Mitcham

Admin. Assistant for Human Resources / Benefits
Adriana Moon

Communications/PR Specialist
Stacey Noble  

Instructional Cons./Reading and ESL Coord.
Patty Smith

Admin. Assistant to Exec. Dir. of Special Educ.
Lynne Sullivan

Admin. Assistant to Assistant Superintendent