The month of November at Holloway was packed with information for students to learn about higher education. This was the first time in Holloway’s history to have a month devoted to educating our students on their options for furthering their education after high school.

Holloway teachers, Tiffany McFadden and Loretta Roquemore, started planning College Month in September. The teachers contacted colleges, universities, and trade schools asking for their partnership in educating Holloway students. As the institutions began mailing pennants, backpacks, hats, water bottles, pens, pencils, and more, the excitement grew as the teachers prepared for the month of November. As part of the festivities and generous donations, the name of every student on campus was placed in a drawing. Each day in November, students heard a fight song from a college or university before the daily drawing of two students’ names. The two winners received a bag filled with prizes that were donated by different colleges and universities.

As part of the celebration of higher education, teachers were asked to pull together and decorate the school hallways. Teachers and National Honor Society members stayed after school to hang pennants, posters, streamers, and balloons in the Holloway campus halls. Students were able to stop and look at the posters and pennants between periods to gain a glimpse of their options for the future. The Science Hall was awarded the certificate for “Best Hallway.”

Advisory classes had the opportunity to decorate their teacher’s door for a door decorating contest. Every classroom door on campus was decorated. Some doors represented specific colleges or universities while others showed the different options students have for their future. The “Most Creative” door was awarded to Ms. Rena Towler’s advisory class which was decorated for the University of Hawaii. The “Best Overall” door was awarded to Mrs. Nancy Hocker’s advisory class which represented West Point Academy, featuring her son’s Marine coat and hat.

“This was such a great opportunity for our students to learn about furthering their education,” McFadden said. “I am so pleased with the response we received from the colleges and institutions, and I know the students really enjoyed the activities that went along with College Month,” McFadden added.